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What is the difference between non-exclusive and exclusive?

Non-Exclusive Licence grants to the licensee (you the buyer) the right to use the beat, but means that the licencor (me) remains free to exploit the same beat and to allow any number of other licensees to also exploit the same beat in the terms and conditions outlined within each relevant agreement.

What is a beat license?

A beat license or licence is an official permission or permit to do, use, or own an instrumental through the terms an conditions outlined within the relevant agreement.

When will I get the beats I purchased?

You will receive an email containing download links immediately after making your purchase. 

Where are you located?

I am currently located in Australia.

Do you mix/master?

We currently don’t offer mixing or mastering as a service.

Do you do custom work?

I currently don’t do custom work.

Do you allow license upgrades?

Yes. Please contact me regarding the license you would like to upgrade to.

Do you sell exclusive rights?

Yes. Please contact me regarding the instrumental you’d like to purchase exclusive rights for. 

Do you provide non-mastered master tracks?

Yes, just send a request through email after you’ve made your purchase and we’ll send you the non-mastered version of you Regular or Premium License purchase.

Can I Buy 1 beat now and pick the rest later?

You can pay for 1 beat now and pick the rest later at no extra charge but bear in mind this only applies to instrumentals currently available in the store.

How do I pick the other beats?

Once you’ve made your initial purchase, please keep record of your purchase and contact me via email and let me know which of the beats available on my store you would like sent to you of the same license type.